If You Eat at Least 3 Meals, Daily...

and you don't have three bowel movements, tomorrow, then your colon is sluggish and you are constipated.

Yes, I can guess what you may have heard. Let's break this down, shall we?

You eat healthy, wholesome foods

such as leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes, and fibrous starchy vegetables. These all contain fiber which would stimulate your bowel. If you aren't having bowel movements for meals of that nature, where is the residue of those meals?

You eat animal products

like meat, fish, shellfish, milk, and cheese which can be binding and slow peristalsis (constriction and relaxation of the walls of the colon). If your colon is sluggish, then you're holding onto to food residue.

You eat processed foods

such as cookies, crackers, cakes, cakes, pasta, and breads, and drink sugary drinks and stimulants. These will also slow peristalsis. and do some colon hydrotherapy sessions.

What should you do?

You need to clean and unburden your colon and other organs. Change your diet and hydrate more. Colon hydrotherapy is quite beneficial.

Call now to schedule your colon hydrotherapy sessions. Clean out the residue and give yourself a lift.

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"Thank you for introducing me to those herbs and for helping me to understand what I was doing to my body with all that sugar. My sugar levels are finally down and my family doctor is so pleased. Your class made so much sense; I felt like I was listening to you on the radio!"

— S. Afflick

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