No Guts, No Good Mood

'Tis the season for colonics [pain and gas and 'why did I eat that'?]

The traditions begin: overeating or eating things that do not help digestive peace. What's the end result? Gloomy guts. Some begin to feel that they have to work harder to remain cheerful and upbeat.

Did you know that your mood is a reflection of your stomach's condition?

If you find that you are more sluggish, slow moving, gassy, irritable, tired, 'out-of-sorts', forgetful, or just foggy, trace it back to your stomach. It's time to clean your colon.

Clean the colon, rebalance the gut, de-clutter the digestive system. Coffee, alcohol, energy drinks and pills are not the answer. Take the pressure off of your system. Start with colon hydrotherapy. See how it works, here: demo

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"Thank you for introducing me to those herbs and for helping me to understand what I was doing to my body with all that sugar. My sugar levels are finally down and my family doctor is so pleased. Your class made so much sense; I felt like I was listening to you on the radio!"

— S. Afflick

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