Kangen Water - Healthy Water Works!

Enagic is the company that manufactures the hydrating, alkalizing joy that is the Kangen machine. I love this machine because I can feel the difference when I drink the water that it produces. This water is alkalized purely by electricity; no additives are included to bring about alkaline water.

This water has helped my body after years of prescribed medications that caused great toxicity and resulting problems. There is a calming effect on my stomach, especially if I have eaten meat or something acidic, and my skin has cleared (I contracted a bad infection after visiting a spa; sores erupted all over on my face). Different pH levels of water are produced simply by pushing one of the six buttons on the machine.

Watch the videos at www.kangendemo.com.

The Kangen machine provides water options for drinking and cooking (Kangen Water draws the flavors from seasonings), watering plants, cleaning teeth, washing my face (without soap), and taking supplements. The water also cleans the wax and other residue from fruits and vegetables. The strong acidic water is wonderful for household cleaning and is effective against germs. Kangen Water is actually used in Japanese hospitals to prevent MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a bacterium responsible for various hard-to-treat infections in humans. Healthy water truly works!

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