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Cherish- Protecting Every Female


The NowWeNo campaign seeks to inform men and women, all over the world, about the harmful effects of many sanitary napkins and tampons on women’s bodies. The average woman uses more than 15,000 sanitary napkins or has a tampon inside her body for more than 100,000 hours during her lifetime.

Some toxic byproducts of tampons include harmful ingredients like dioxin, furan, chlorine bleach, fragrance, and odor neutralizers. Some conventional sanitary pads can contain the equivalent of about four plastic bags. Synthetics and plastic restrict air flow and traps heat and dampness, thereby potentially promoting yeast and bacterial growth in a woman’s vaginal area. 


Cherish is your biodegrable healthy way to say NO to these other harmful sanitary pads. You need them every month, so it makes sense to use a healthy form and protect yourself. Click on the the link to order or contact Dr. Lawson to purchase.

Nature's Sunshine - Kosher and Kind to Your Body, Inside and Out


Nature's Sunshine offers the highest quality of herbal and nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and skin care that are helpful for many conditions, and are kosher, too. That means that the products have an extra high standard of cleanliness and purity. 


The company's broad selection of products points to its commitment to innovation and relevance. Its rigorous testing, exacting quality control, and self-manufacturing set the highest standards in the supplement and health industry.

Visit my Nature's Sunshine website. You may purchase retail or you may save money by creating an account and using Dr. Lawson's distributor number: 794343.

dōTERRATherapeutic-Grade Essential Oils


Edible essential oils that support the body in daily living. Supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and even toothpaste, handsoap and hair and skin care that have doTERRA essential oils as their main ingredient. The oils are therapeutic grade, meaning that they can be taken internally, in addition to regular external use and aromatically, in a diffuser.



​Shop as a customer with no strings or sign-up to receive discounts, points, and cash toward other oils and products.  Image: ©2014 dōTERRA International

Pure Herbs, Ltd. ™ has over 300 different liquid herbs, over 20 different encapsulated products, a few tablets, a bulk powder and convenient empty one-ounce spray bottles.  They are some of the highest quality liquid herbal extracts on the market today.


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"Thank you for introducing me to those herbs and for helping me to understand what I was doing to my body with all that sugar. My sugar levels are finally down and my family doctor is so pleased. Your class made so much sense; I felt like I was listening to you on the radio!"

— S. Afflick

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