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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Poultice Where It Hurts

Sunburn or irritated skin? Smear the inner part of the Aloe Vera leaf all over it. Headache or joint pain? Bruise a Noni leaf and place it on your forehead or the affected joint. Secure it with a bandana. Plantain leaf helps with pain, too. These are all simple poultices. A poultice is any herbal material that is made to adhere closely to the skin, thus enabling its compounds to penetrate the tissues and the moisture to pull out foreign bodies or infection. In short, take herbs that are not prickly, mash them a bit or warm and dampen them, if they are dried herbs, then apply them using a cloth to keep them in place.

Focus today: poultices for tumors and lumps Figs. Lightly mash or blend green or slightly ripened figs. Place the mash on the breast or other area. Tie with an old shirt or bandana. Change daily.. Do this for a week. Cabbage leaves. No need to mash; just apply the leaves to the area and tape or tie down. Cabbage leaves also work well for mastitis and abscesses. Image by Steve Buissinne

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