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Celebrate with a Difference

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

How about celebrating a plant-based season? I know- you’re rubbing your eyes to make sure you read that correctly. Just for you, I shall write it again…

How about celebrating a plant-based December?

  • Your body will feel better

  • You won’t begin the new year saying, “Oh, I need to lose weight.”

  • You won’t feel weighed down, bloated and constipated in January

  • Your entire system will begin to detox and when you add water to your daily life, the benefits will be far-reaching.

By the way, the water is for drinking, and not to make a beverage. :)

Here’s the challenge: Take a photo-journal of your plant-based meals and lifestyle that you have adopted for the remainder of December (16 days). If you don’t cook but you order meals, that counts, too. If you do cook but want to explore menu ideas, you can visit sites like Websites like will allow you to add the foods that you have in your home and provide you with recipes. You will still gain points because you chose to participate in the challenge.

Make sure to add a description of each meal or place labels next to each one, before taking your pictures. Be sure to write, type each day’s date on your labels and/or include the dates in your descriptions.

I will choose two winners and do a short interview with each person or family.

The winners will receive one full wellness consultation with recommendations, in the month of January. This will be a 75-minute session.

Take time to continue giving thanks. It will perform a miracle in you.

From my heart to yours, may you have a blessed Christmas and a new year that is filled with joy and determination.


Dr. Lesa Lawson

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