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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Acidosis and You

We are all unique; indeed, it has been proven that each person's fingerprint is different. Still, we share many similarities. One such similarity is our body's need for balance- pH balance, to be exact.

In order to maintain a healthy pH within our bodies, we need to take in the right amounts of alkalizing and acidic nutrients. That balance should not be equal but rather 80% alkalizing and 20% acidic. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many of us. As such, when we have imbalances in our pH, the body works arduously, to pick up the slack.

If we are overly acidic, the body pulls the mineral, calcium, to help alkalize. When calcium is used in this way, it, naturally, causes a depletion of this mineral. As calcium is pulled from the bones, over time, the result is achy joints and a weak back.

Another mineral that the body will pull to help us is sodium. Sodium helps with nerve and muscle function. If you think that you do not need sodium, think again, when your joints become stiff and make popping sounds. Pain then ensues.

If your body keeps needing to borrow minerals to cover a deficit, other issues will occur, among them, stomach problems, heart problems, and bone density issues.

How can you counter this? I always begin with the most obvious:

Hydration. You must drink pure water and lots of it. This is not just a one month venture but a lifetime one. Water helps the body with its balancing.

Food. Eat foods that are more alkalizing and less of the acidic foods. Yes, that means vegetables and herbs. provides a list of calcium-rich foods in order of the richest sources. among them are

Dried savory (Summer Savory)

Basil spice

Marjoram spice


Celery seed

Sleep. Was that surprising? You would be surprised at the ways in which insufficient or poor sleep not only ages us but contributes to the buildup of free radicals, and acidity.

Do a urine and saliva pH test in the morning, for a few days. You can obtain pH test strips from your health food store, or purchase them online. Follow the direction on the kit and take your samples first thing in the morning. Do this before brushing or putting anything in your mouth. If your numbers are in the 5s or 6s or lower, then get to work.

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