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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

How about a Butterfly Garden?

The world is re-starting, little by little. That makes many people's spirits rise. They begin to hope. There's an old saying [I cannot remember where I read or heard it] that states that growth is a sign of life. Let's make something grow. How about it? How about giving yourself a little hope at home or even at work? The work design might be different, depending upon your environment but let's toss some ideas around, shall we?

I first learned of a butterfly garden while reading Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings to my class, several years ago. It has fascinated me. What is it? In essence, you plant flowers that invite butterflies. Imagine a myriad of fluttering colors in your yard. How soothing for some or exciting, for others.

Note: Butterflies gravitate towards clusters of pink, yellow, blue, purple and some red flowers because of the sweet nectar in them. Plant flowers like Alyssum, Asters, Bee Balm. Butterfly Bush, Calendula,.Cosmos, Daylily, and Delphinium in a sunny location. Provide a fairly flat water source for them.

You can grow your flowers in pots, if you do not have a yard. Either way, you will have something beautiful and mood-lifting to enjoy.

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