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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

What is Your Health Vision?

Many of us made resolutions for the new year. Some have already forgotten them. It happens. Why? Well, your desire and your determination are not on speaking terms. In short, you have not yet decided to be ready.

You do not agree?

What is something that you do/eat/say now, that you never used to do? Flip that around.

Name something that you never used to do, that you now do?

  • Perhaps you have stopped eating chocolate because it makes your heart race or your head hurt.

  • Perhaps you have started reading more because it is helping to stretch your mind and widen your vocabulary.

  • Perhaps you have stopped carrying your thick wallet in your back pocket because your side or back hurts.

Desire, meet Determination

With that in mind, what will be the status of your health, this year?

What will you do, tomorrow? What about next year?

What do you desire?

Perhaps you want to be free of pills and experiencing normal blood pressure or sugar and insulin levels.

Perhaps you want to travel more.

Perhaps you just want to feel better.

It is true - we have no idea what our life span is (today could be it) but while we are here, let's endeavor to be our most healthy selves. We can do far more when we are well.

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