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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

The Body Thing Most Don’t Talk About

We all do it (we would be dead if we didn’t), yet, so many people pretend that they don’t or just don’t want to talk about bowel movements.

Yes, I wrote it. Given what I do and see in my wellness center, it’s only natural. Listen, simply put:

If you’re not going, then you’re going nowhere.

If you are not having at least two bowel movements, daily, we need to talk. If you eat only one meal, daily, then, it makes sense that you may have only one bowel movement. If, however, you eat at least three meals and you don’t produce the fruit of your labors, where is all that refuse? Why, it’s sitting in you.

What happens to your kitchen or bathroom garbage, after a few hours? It stinks, little critters start forming, and, if you ignore it long enough, a white film starts growing. Bacteria? You guessed it?

Now, before you start running for the laxatives, think increased water intake and healthy fiber, like vegetables, ground flax, chia or hemp seeds. Movement helps, too. Laxatives are not the answer (they bring their own problems); a more healthy lifestyle is.

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