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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Things That Make You Go, 'Hmmm'

Since we now know that fruit should not be combined with any other food, to facilitate digestion,

  • Why do we eat fruits with nuts?

  • Why is there fruit in salads?

  • Why do we eat dried fruit with milk chocolate?

Since we know that we shouldn't eat and drink, to facilitate digestion,

  • Why do we have cereal with milk?

  • Why do we eat rice (starch) with beans, along with animal protein smothered in dairy-filled sauces; have cake and ice-cream with drinks for dessert; then wonder why we have gas or feel bloated, achy, and weird?

Just because that's the way that you were raised, doesn't mean that you have to continue the pattern, especially if it is hurting you. If, after eating, you feel sleepy, develop a headache or stomachache, feel your heart begin to race, or become bloated, it is time to revise your diet.

Always eat fruit by itself and at least 30 minutes before a meal or one hour after a meal.

Pay attention to how you feel after each meal. If something doesn't feel right, wait for about four days, and then try eating each suspect food by itself. Don't eat all of them on the same day or you won't know what might be bothering you.

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