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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

My Sweet Crush, pt 4 – Above Temptation

I want to leave you, don’t want to stay here, don’t want to spend another day here Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh you do me wrong now... She and Him

At last! I was free. First, it was a cautious one month, then a hopeful two. Months three and four itched some but I tossed my head and pretended I didn’t care. Soon, months five through seven showed that I was caring less. I could actually exist for days without thinking of that sweet-tongue devil. I met the better sides of the sweet family: adventurous apples, delightful berries, lush grapes (with seeds, of course); the gentle giant, watermelon, who made no attempt to bully or overwhelm me. So many relatives that helped me to realize that there were actually good ones out there; that I shouldn’t let sugar turn me off from truly living.

Eighteen months later, I realized that I had forgotten all about sugar. My thoughts cleared and so did my skin. I began to drop what I had thought would never leave me – extra pounds. I also befriended water which helped to flush further evidence of sugar from me – for my liver and kidney fought me for a long time to let the sweet stuff go. Water helped them realize that they actually felt and performed better without that bondage. What a revelation! My energy soared. I slimmed down and began to look really good. Headaches? What were those? All that political rumbling in my stomach went away; no longer were people staring at me when the left side of my belly launched a volley of missiles, to which the right side felt duty-bound to answer. It was – dare I say it – grand. Yes, grand!

Then, I went on vacation. Secure and a bit arrogant in my new-found liberty, I was above temptation, having kicked sugar to the curb. One evening, while dining in my new-found confidence, I met carbs. Carbohydrates or carbs, for short, was more subtle than sugar. Even the name was sophisticated, hinting at things unknown, teasing and drawing me inexorably closer. So simple carbs seemed, yet so complex so many facets to that personality. Carbs invited me to know more, to learn to delve into the secret places, except the last name… I also didn’t know that Carbs was a twin…

Now, what living breathing person does not want to know more about a budding love interest? (to be continued)

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