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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

A Client Asked...

Client: How long do I need to take a supplement?

Dr. Lawson: Until your levels improve and you begin to notice improvement, with your doctor monitoring your health.

I tend to get one of two responses from people:

  1. I took it for a week or so, and didn’t feel anything

  2. I feel better, so I stopped taking the supplements

If, for example, your body is deficient in a vitamin, it needs time and consistency to replenish its supply. That’s where you come in. You supply the nutrient-rich foods and good supplementation to restore your levels. You need about 6-8 weeks before the body begins to show the changes.

Do maintenance for a few weeks longer, always making sure to monitor your levels with your health care practitioner. If you stop supplementing altogether and don’t eat the right foods or get enough direct sunlight, then guess what? Your levels will fall again.

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