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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Fighting for Her Health

“When I step aside, and we work together, even illness becomes wellness.” Unknown

If you get in Debbie’s way – her way to wellness, that is - she will roll over you. She’s a tiny lady but a ferocious giant regarding her health. She has reason to be. Debbie grew up in a mining town, with her grandfather, father, and other family members working in the coal mines. A lot more than family traits were passed down the family line. Long before she even knew it, Debbie was breathing coal and ingesting everything that goes with coal production, even though she had never worked in a mine.

When she first started feeling ill, years ago, no connection was made to her mining environment; after all, this was life, everyone worked hard, and that was that. Still, she grew worse and other problems surfaced, knocking her about for years. Digestive problems, congestion, constant, debilitating head pain, back pain; even the ducts in her eyes became inflamed. Debbie loved to exercise, and she couldn’t do that, after a while because of the pain it would bring. Imagine trying to struggle through all that with a full-time job, a loving, supportive husband (for whom she is so thankful), and their young son. Oh, did I forget to mention that she suffered from environmental allergies? Even her new house was affecting her.

Well, Debbie has refused to take this anymore. She has radically changed her diet and is following certain principles, all with a view to winning. It was slow going, at first, because her body needs a lot of healing but she is improving and is relieved about that. Does this mean that she doesn’t feel frustrated sometimes? No, but she refuses to stay in that negative space. Debbie is a force with which to be reckoned. She talks to others about their health, sharing all that she has learnt; she’s quite an encourager and within two minutes of talking to her, you’ll start laughing. She pays attention to her body and its signals, and immediately abandons something if she realizes that it does not benefit her healing system. Even her son and husband drink her green drinks and health remedies without protest.

Kudos to you, Debbie! Strength is something for which you fight, every day, and you grab yours with everything you have. Determination demands decision.

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