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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

No, Not Just for Women

Men, you're probably wondering why I have included you.

You have girlfriends, sisters, daughters, female cousins, and friends whom you love.

As one husband and father put it, "My wife suffers, so I suffer... and wait. My daughters have suffered and I felt helpless. Now, there is something that I am doing to help them - and it is helping."

Have you ever considered the harmful chemicals in sanitary pads that cause so much harm to women and girls? Byproducts like dioxin and furan are in them and conventional ones contain ingredients like chlorine bleach, fragrances, odor neutralizers, and plastic! Synthetics and plastic restrict air flow, trapping heat and dampness within delicate tissue, potentially promoting bacterial overgrowth in a woman’s vaginal area. Tampons are even more harmful, since they act as plugs.

Finally, Cherish, a biodegradable sanitary pad is available to you in the United States. Cherish has been in existence, overseas, for over 20 years. This video will provide insight.

Join the campaign for better femal health

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