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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Laughing All the Way

I command you to laugh, right now !

Why didn't you laugh? Well? You're probably staring at your screen and thinking, 'yes, she has finally lost it', though what 'it' is, we are not quite sure.

You're probably also thinking that I didn't give you a reason to laugh. Why do you need a reason? I've been thinking that I just do not laugh enough. Guess what? Neither do you. Let's fix that. [On a side note, have you noticed that it's difficult to keep your eyes wide open while you're really guffawing?]

The interesting, healthy, factual thing is that laughter does so much for the body, soul and spirit. Not only does it relax muscles and ease tension and stress, it strengthens the immune system, strengthens the heart muscle and increases circulation. Plus, it burns about 40-50 calories. Why are we not laughing?

Suggestions to start laughter

1. Listen to a baby or infant laughing. You won't be able to stop your own smile. Go on from there.

2. Grab your favorite silly movie or book. More than likely, it's one from your childhood or younger adult years. Note: cartoons work, too.

3. Find your friends or family members who are not self-conscious or team up with the ones who are and just pledge to have a good, silly time. Play a game or three, too.

4. Search for funny clips on Youtube.

5. Reminisce about all the silly times in your past. Instead of simply smiling, release that laughter as your mind pans through scene after scene of embarrassing times. Don't hold back. It's time to let go of the weird feeling, anyway.

If none of those work, just start laughing and keep it up. Eventually, it will become real and you'll also laugh at yourself for being so silly.

Now, the next time I command you to laugh, you can do so, while thinking that I might really have lost it - or have I? Maybe, just maybe, I've found it. So will you.

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