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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Remedies for Holiday Eating Issues

Like it or not, the exciting/colder/fatter/costly/pressure-filled days are upon us. If you live in a tropical climate, you may not have the cold but you will surely have the others.

As I listen to various experiences and complaints from people far and wide, it occurred to me that having some simple resources on hand can prove quite helpful during these hectic days. You ask, what can possibly happen?

Allergic Reaction to Food/Food Poisoning: As families and friends gather to celebrate Christmas, the new year and other holidays, we bring food and food imitations. Some are our own creations; others, store-bought. Some cooked foods are touted from afar, picking up little bacteria along the way. Some store-bought foods come pre-packaged with their own bacteria, as manufacturers rush to meet the need of the fast-approaching season.

From the Kit: Activated Charcoal

Until you can get to the hospital, activated charcoal is a quick remedy for throat itching, face swelling, vomiting and other symptoms that indicate a reaction to something that was consumed. Charcoal works to absorb many toxins and chemicals to lessen/alleviate their harmful effects on the body.

Overeating and Upset Stomach: Yes, almost everyone overindulges during December and the first two days of January. Belts are loosened, groans abound with stomach rubbing, followed by excessive burping and expelling of noxious fumes.

From the Kit: Peppermint Oil, Cloves

Therapeutic grade peppermint oil (meaning that it can be taken internally) helps the stomach to settle. It relieves nausea and flatulence and general upset stomach. Take one or two drops in a cup of herbal tea or warm water. doTERRA's brand is therapeutic grade. If you do not have a source for therapeutic grade oils, order them here.

Take a clove and tuck it inside the back of the cheek. A gentle bite of it will fill the mouth with a potent taste that will help the digestive system and also alleviate bad breath.

Bloating: Eating lots of dairy or processed foods can cause bloating, as can sugary foods.

From the Kit: Ajwain seeds

Chew a few seeds to relieve symptoms.

Headaches: Different kinds of headaches there are but they all hurt.

From the Kit: White Willow Bark, Peppermint, Basil, Lavender Oils

White Willow Bark works in the same way as aspirin. It is also helpful with back pain. Inhale peppermint oil or place a few drops in a diffuser. Do the same with lavender and basil. You can also rub basil oil on the bottoms of the feet and use lavender oil and peppermint oil on the back of the neck or the temples. If you have sensitivities, combine one drop with coconut or olive oil before using. You can use full strength on the bottoms of the feet.

I would be remiss if I did not state that you should be well-hydrated, increasing your intake of water from now, and especially before you ingest alcohol. Eating more healthily will also ensure a more enjoyable time , instead of you having to make friends with the toilet. The picture of you wrapped lovingly around the porcelain lover will not a great memory make.

Please Note: If you always struggle with these symptoms, then yours is not just a temporary issue and you need help to restore your digestive system. Make an appointment with LawsOnHealth Wellness and help your gut regain its health. /

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