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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

The Men in Our Lives

I made an observation on my Facebook page, LawsOnHealth Wellness, that men, in general, seem reticent to take their health in hand. I received more private responses than I did public ones but that's okay; I was happy for the feedback.

It seems that the biggest block to health checks, for males, is fear: Fear that something may be found; fear that they may need to change their diet or some other practice; fear that the doctor may see more than they would like; and, as one person put it, fear that he may discover something about himself that he did not know, nor want to know.

Regardless of the fear, it does not change the fact that too many of our men are severely ill or have died because they did not take better care of themselves. Women are being left to sorrow and go on alone because their men did not seek to work on preserving life.

Men - I appeal to you. Take action! Of course, I am not encouraging you to become hypochondriacs and run to the doctor at every little pin prick; I am, however, asking you to pay attention to yourselves. Do a physical, do a bit of exercise, take a colonic, drink more water, eat more vegetables - something! Our Father gave us each one life, so be the best steward of it that you can.

Tell me - what is one good thing that you have done for your health, in 2015? How has it helped? I would love to know.

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