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Carnegie Hall and Your Health? Same Steps

We all know the old joke:

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: Practice. We smile and take it in stride.

The truth is, that answer applies to more than just music. Indeed, whenever I hear the question (I heard it just this week on Law and Order), my mind goes into translation mode, immediately:

How do I achieve better health, better weight, renewed energy? Answer: Practice; for indeed, it is an issue of practice coupled with determination and vision.

So many times, clients will come to see me but are quick to tell me what they will and will not do. That's fine. I stopped arguing a few years ago. When they are ready, then they'll be ready. In any event, I applaud the first step that they have taken.

I'll share a story with you, if I may? I was contacted by a young lady back in October of 2014 and she wanted to work on losing weight. She also had some health concerns that she wanted to address, which, although she gave me permission to share, will remain confidential.

Her Squash and Split Pea Soup

Her Squash and Split Pea Soup

When we started, she chose to work with me for one month; at the end of which, she was so encouraged that she asked to sign up for my 60-day program. Why did she choose to do this? She had begun to develop the habit of practicing better health and seeing results, even though she lived in a different state and did her program remotely.

Initially, she expressed surprise at the unusual manner in which I started her program but as I reminded her: each person is different and the beauty of the music that each one unleashes is dependent upon individual craftsmanship, as well as the knowledge and skill of the teacher in drawing forth the correct notes.

This young lady has listed so many improvements, her weight is continuing to drop, the tremor in her right hand is gone, and her skin is gorgeous! Here is a portion of the note that she sent to me:

"Dr. LAWSON, I want you to know that God used you tremendously in this program. I was off track and despondent. My doctor kept telling me that I needed to lose weight but everything I tried did not work. When I started the weight-loss program, I thought it was going to take hard work and now looking back, it was not difficult because of you. You made it easy and enjoyable.

I made a conscious decision to lose weight because of the possibility of becoming diabetic. There are too many people in my family suffering from Diabetes; one is too much."

"You came in and changes took place without a fuss. My husband is drinking room-temperature water... He is having salad with his dinner and not complaining. He enjoyed the salad more than the chicken . I am having a good dilemma about what I should cook for him. "I am walking with a spring in my step, am clear-headed, articulate, with neutrons firing and a desire to learn again. I have vigor for life, am assertive; it's a new beginning . You have to be attentive to your body, mind, and soul, it is called balance.The holistic way originated from the Bible; Jesus came to heal the whole body. I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and saw that the reflection looking back was younger. I have been meaning to ask you what is your secret for looking so great. Guess what? Your secret is out, 'EAT WELL'. Having a balance in my life is important. I am no longer asking people what are they doing to have such a nice complexion. I have the recipe: Eat the right foods!"


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