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Help Your Bowel with Colon Hydrotherapy

Stomach rumblings like an earth tremor; bloating like a balloon; feeling like you're sitting on a keg of dynamite; acid stomach, reflux, constipation: these are just some of the afflictions of the stomach. Sluggish bowel movements are also on that list. We all know what happens if we are not eliminating as we should. Experiencing any of these afflictions on a regular basis requires investigation and care.

We sometimes tend to ignore symptoms that our stomachs give us or we quickly silence them with antacids or painkillers. If the symptoms keep recurring, you should pay attention. Ask yourself:

  • How often do my symptoms occur?

  • Can I describe the symptoms, their intensity and location?

  • Does a certain food or drink trigger or make my symptoms worse?

  • If food is not the issue, what is my state-of-mind? Am I stressed, sad, angry, or constantly exhausted?

Keeping track with a journal will help you to see patterns and start you on the road to healing.

One of the wonderful processes that can help you to achieve better regularity and also clean the colon is colon hydrotherapy. You might know it by its other names: colonic irrigation or colonics. Colon hydrotherapy washes the colon or bowel with water to evacuate its contents. It is a comfortable, hygienic and safe procedure; a simple, gravity-fed method of irrigating the colon for endoscopic, radiological, or other medical purposes. The procedure lasts approximately 40 minutes and supports a sluggish bowel. While the client is modestly covered, warm water flows gently into the rectum through a small nozzle that is client-inserted. When the client feels the urge, he/she evacuates. All in all, the process is elegant, dignified, sterile, and comfortable.

LawsOnHealth Wellness uses the Angel of Water Surround ® Colon Hydrotherapy System. It is a gravity-fed system, meaning that water is gently infused at a comfortable rate for the client. See demonstration video:

Once the session has ended, the client is able to drain, lying comfortably on the ergonomic lavage basin. Afterward, he can rinse himself using the personal shower sprayer that is located on the side of the basin. The client can then towel dry before dressing and returning to everyday activities.

If you have never tried colon hydrotherapy, here is your chance. LawsOnHealth Wellness is giving $15 off its 3-pack of colonics until October 31, 2015!

Please note that there are some contraindications and your therapist will review these with you. If you have any of the contraindications, you will need to obtain written approval from your doctor before you can have the procedure.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, use our online scheduler or call us at (571) 252-3428.

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