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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

What Does Dr. Lawson Do?

Someone asked me, "What do you do?"​

It made me start to think that some people do not know what a Naturopath is and does, so, I am excited to present… Me!

Dr. Lesa Lawson, a trained practitioner of alternative medicine and Colon Hydrotherapist. I help clients by using a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare that blends age-old healing traditions with scientific advances and current research.

Whew! What does that mean? It means that I help clients by using alternative methods to medications, where possible, to manage and/or alleviate illness.

My focus area is the gut, although I am trained to address a broad spectrum of conditions. I work with the gut/stomach because that is the seat of most illnesses. High blood pressure, migraines, reflux, skin conditions, high cholesterol, MS, cancer – anything that you name, almost invariably has something to do with the gut. Whether it is poor diet, or dehydration or medications interacting negatively with one another, or stress, or unhealthy working or living environment, they all trace back to that place in your body that jumps with excitement or flutters with fear.

What sorts of clients come to see you or contact you?

Clients come to get help in reducing blood pressure Cleansing and detox, Colonoscopy and endoscopy prep. Weight loss Reducing LDL cholesterol Reflux Constipation Hemorrhoids Pain/ Inflammation Migraines...

What kinds of treatments do you provide?

I always start with a consultation. This lasts 60 minutes because I really want to know my client. I listen and take copious notes. Depending on the situation, I will recommend that we start with at least two to three colon hydrotherapy sessions. Also called Colonics or Colonic irrigation, this is the gentle infusing of warm water into the colon via the rectum, to evacuate the contents of the bowel. Clients are always surprised at how much lighter they feel, especially the ones who have never had this procedure before. In many cases, people have an impacted colon from years of eating and insufficient elimination. The colon (large intestines) is 5 feet long, so it can hold a lot of garbage for a long time. Just like the garbage in your home, if kept inside for too long, it will begin to stink and rot. Rot brings interesting creatures and more problems.

I also do biocommunication scans and analyses, non-invasive processes that help me to gain an idea of levels and possible areas of weakness in the body. There are other modalities, as well.

What about weight loss programs?

I work with a number of people for this purpose, in my 90-day program. There is a 60-day program as well and a 21-day Jumpstart, but clients end up asking to extend the program because they love the results. It’s not just about what goes into the mouth but what goes into the entire body.

What does that mean: ‘what goes into the entire body’? It means that there are primary and secondary foods. Secondary foods are actually the physical items that you put in your mouth; primary foods involve your spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational food. Sometimes, people don’t begin to lose weight or they can’t keep it off until they are satisfied by their primary foods. We explore all those aspects, along the journey, with the client’s permission, of course.

Do you recommend supplements?

Yes, although my first line of defense is always whole foods. I encourage it most strenuously because the body responds well to good, wholesome, whole foods and pure water. I do use and recommend Nature's Sunshine and dōTERRA Essential Oils because I find them to be absolutely wonderful and very effective in a myriad of situations – from pain to digestive upset, to insomnia. These oils are potent but not acrid or overpowering. I will suggest supplements if there is a real deficiency and I also use botanical medicine. Herbs have powerful healing properties. I carry my own line of products: Moringa Blend, and soon to come, CholestCheck and Gentle Clean. All are herbal formulations that I have used and have received favorable reports from users.

If someone wanted to work with you, what would you want them to know?

Client and doctor must work together in order to achieve results. You have to work along with me. In that way, you will be able to continue to live a more healthy life, long after you have stopped working with me because you will know what to do and will be empowered to do it.

How can people contact you?

There are several options:

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