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Until She Started...

My mom has been visiting with me this summer and she made a wonderful discovery. First, a bit of background...

Mum suffered a near-fatal accident six years ago and now has a long metal pin running the length of one knee to ankle. The foot was not properly re-set during surgery, so she has had problems with it since the accident. Her ankle would swell at the slightest movement or she would fall without warning, while walking. Fearful, she stopped exercising, just limiting herself to puttering around her garden. Needless to say, she lost muscle mass and gained a little weight.

When she came to visit, I encouraged her to stretch her legs with me, one evening. She decided to try and we found a pair of sneakers for her. After a one-mile walk (during which I kept asking if she was okay), she remarked that her ankle wasn't swollen at all and she felt good! I asked if she wanted to try in two days and she said yes. We tried again and she came home, smiling! I was secretly ecstatic!

On the fourth day, she wore her comfy shoes and her ankle ballooned. I explained how important it was to properly support her feet. We returned home, quickly, and I had her elevate the leg. By the next morning, the swelling was gone and she wanted to try walking again, with sneakers, this time. We walked for 1.5 miles without pain or swelling. My mom has been hooked on walking ever since. She even jogged a bit (to my horror) on the way back. I guess she felt so free that she threw caution to the winds. I was busy thinking of the best way to get to the nearest hospital.

Now, we walk every day, for at least two miles. My mom has already noticed that her stomach is becoming flatter and her legs are becoming stronger! Hallelujah! She stretches when we return from our walk and her sleep is better, too! She is so enthused and because she was so active before the accident, I see a new life in her movements. She has not fallen at all and plans to continue walking when she returns home - with sneakers, of course!

Until She Started

Until she started my mom would not have known the power of the cricket's chirp to help her march along

Until she started, she would not have charted new territory nor known the light dance of deer's feet daring her to catch them

Until she started, the joy of discovery would have remained the commonplace the beauty of nature unexplored

Until she started she would not have known that she could start

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