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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Why 'Buddy Walking' Can Help You Lose More Weight

How many times have you started your walking program, only to stop after a few weeks? You might have been doing really well; then you had a late day at work and that threw your routine or it rained for a few days and you just cannot regain your momentum. Walking is great exercise but it just is not as much fun to walk by oneself. If you have a walking buddy, there are quite a few benefits to 'companionable walking':

1. Walking improves digestion. Walking with a buddy keeps motivation high and will more easily become a habit than walking alone. Your digestive system will love it!

2. Buddy Walking helps with weight loss as persistence and consistence are keys to effective weight loss.

3. Rain or shine, breeze or snow, you will both be on the go!

4. Accountability and a desire not to let down your walking buddy, will serve to motivate you.

5. Persistence in walking will aid sleep which will also help weight-loss.

Have fun with your walking buddy! Walk at times; jog sometimes, swing those arms and dance! Walking with a buddy helps you to lose a little stiffness and inhibition which also help to lower stress and improve your health.

What is your exercise preference? Do you prefer to walk alone? If you have walked alone and with a buddy, which do you find to be better?

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