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One-Third of All Cancers are Directly Related to Excess Weight

"One-Third of All Cancers are Directly Related to Excess Weight". CDC

Obesity is still very much a cause for concern, and not only in our nation. We really need to take stock and work to bring our weight under control. I had a friend who used to look at herself in the mirror through her "slim eye." Funny it was but now, not so much. The truth is that we are aware when we begin to tip the scales in a higher direction but we put off dealing with it because we tell ourselves that we have time. Before we know it, time has doubled and we feel overwhelmed and do nothing.

This article from Dr. Mercola explain the connection between many types of cancers and being overweight.

Regardless of the reason that you are overweight, be it ill-health, thyroid problems, inactivity or neglect, make a choice to do at least one thing toward lessening the weight.

  • Grab a buddy or two and walk together or swim or dance in your living room. You can keep each other accountable.

  • Refrain from eating late into the evening. If you must eat, try steamed vegetables with a bit of coconut oil.

  • If you are an emotional eater, start paying attention to your triggers and distract yourself.

  • Maybe you need to watch less television; some people eat more while sitting or lying in front of the TV.

  • Find a naturopath or health coach to help you jumpstart your goal. Some of us just need help to start; some may prefer ongoing help. Either is fine.

  • Make healthy food substitutions or reduce portion sizes, if you know that you are serving yourself more than you really need.

I am not a proponent of scaring people into taking care of themselves. I simply want us to live as well as we can, for as long as we can.

Your Health Matters

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