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Your Low Libido Might Be Diet-Related

Remember that rush of sexual excitement; that feeling of being indefatigable? Remember feeling like you were on top of the world with your sweetheart? No, you can't remember? Hmm...

Check all that apply:

  • You are taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or another condition;

  • You are stressed;

  • You have high cholesterol

  • You do not get at least seven hours of sleep, nightly;

  • You have adrenal fatigue

  • You tend to use a lot of over-the-counter (OTC) medications for frequent headaches, back aches, or other pain;

  • You do not drink enough water, daily

  • You are a consistent coffee drinker

If you checked at least two of these and your interest in sex is waning or practically nonexistent, you may

be well-advised to seek the expertise of naturopath, Dr. Lesa Lawson, rather than accept your condition as normal.

These days, low libido is becoming more of a concern because of hectic lifestyles and poor dietary choices. The reason that this condition is not listed right up there with heart disease is that most people hide their loss like a shameful secret. Very much like cholesterol, there is no visible sign of low libido; still, it is killing many a marriage and many couples are lying in self-inflicted graves of dissatisfaction.

A doctor of naturopathy and a certified colon hydrotherapist, and wellness coach, Dr. Lawson helps clients to first clean their bodies of accumulated waste and toxins from foods, as well as environmental, physical, and even emotional debris. She then utilizes nutrition-based programs and alternative remedies to re-train the body's systems and realize results.

Dr. Lawson is quick to caution that changes are very much dependent on the client, each of whom has an active role to play. In her work, she finds that women more readily admit that they need help than do their men. She applauds men who do admit that something is amiss and who seek help for it. These men see the value of colon irrigation therapy (colonics); in fact, some of them prefer to start with colonics before making dietary changes. Once they begin to see results, their enthusiasm soars even more.

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colon irrigation therapy or colonic, is “the safe, gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum." Its purpose is to expel waste, hydrate the colon and assist the digestive system, which, in turn, helps the circulatory and immune systems. Dr. Lawson guarantees that you will leave with your dignity intact.

For more information about colon hydrotherapy and other wellness programs that are offered at LawsOnHealth, contact:

LawsOnHealth Wellness, LLC
Telephone: (703) 327-5130 /
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