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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Why Your Bowel is Like an Oyster

Nowadays, we are hearing and reading more about detox and cleansing programs than ever before. There are so many kinds and all promise to clean your body. You may wonder what it is that needs to be cleaned; after all, you have a bowel movement, daily, right? Right?

I have stated before that the ideal situation is to be able to have a bowel movement for every major meal that is eaten. This, of course, goes against the newer, highly-touted concept of eating every three or four hours. If we eat properly, we would not need to be eating so often, thereby giving our organs no time to rest or deal with the other loves that have gone before. Okay, I digress.

If you are not having at least one complete bowel movement, daily, you already have an issue of constipation. If all the refuse isn’t being eliminated, where is it? You would need to retrain your body to have a movement. Yes, I used the word, 'retrain' because your body has developed its own pattern of elimination (or lack, thereof) from ill-treatment. Still, there is the opportunity to reverse that and have better digestive health. Once there is life, there is hope.

Back to my original question: What is it that needs to be cleaned?

First, we must be aware that the colon has a mucous membrane that it creates to line its tender tissues. Mucous is one of the protectors of the intestinal tract, defending it against irritation. Irritation can develop from undigested food (including food that is not properly masticated or chewed; food that is disagreeable to the stomach because of ingredients, or allergic propensity).

When food irritates the bowel, the bowel responds by secreting mucous to act as a layer

This mucous membrane layer builds up, similar to the oyster's defense mechanism in its bid to protect itself against the foreign matter that irritates its tender folds. Unlike the oyster, however, your body won't produce a valuable pearl, so if you notice a slowing of your bowel movements, or you have heartburn or pain in your side, especially after eating, pay attention to all that you're putting (or not putting) into your mouth. You might then want to consider changing your diet, if you eat a lot more greasy, sauce-saturated foods, and/or processed foods, or do not consume much fiber, daily. Of course, if you are going to consume fiber, you need to increase your water intake. Notice that I wrote water, rather than fluid. That should take care of the young man who asked me if he could do his cleanse with beer, instead of water.

Doing an effective cleanse, twice per year, with supervision, will do your body much good. Maybe then, you'll start to produce a pearl or two.

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