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Thermography - Breast Scans Without Pain or Radiation

Wham! I was rear-ended, in November 2013, by a driver whose head was down while he accelerated and hit me at about 35 mph. Was he texting? I don't know. At the time, I did not care because my head was throbbing and threatening to fall off my shoulders. By the next day, the rest of my body wanted to follow suit. It was about that time that I met Sherry Hudson.

An associate gave me contact information for Family Health Thermal Imaging in Herndon, VA and I met Sherry. By then, I was walking as if I had just stuck my hand in an electric socket. Sherry and I talked and she scheduled me to visit the next day. First, she took thermography pictures; these are non-invasive, radiation-free pictures that are taken with an infrared camera that makes use of the body's temperature.

The thermography pictures that show yellow areas are okay; the red areas are those that show inflammation. I had so many red areas, I could have passed for a stop sign. Armed with this information, Sherry was able to use cold laser therapy to reduce my pain and inflammation. Her program also includes a foot detox. All fabulous!

Thermography is a wonderful detection system for breast screening. Women and men come to have their breasts checked and they can take the results and pictures to their doctors. Each client receives results and pictures by e-mail. It is a very detailed report.

Sherry also has an effective Lyme protocol with cold laser treatment. On my first visit, I saw a young lady, so crippled by Lyme that she was using a walker and barely shuffled along. It took her five minutes to walk 20 steps. Three weeks later, I saw the young lady and couldn't figure out, at first, why she seemed familiar. I was shocked when I finally realized who she was. I went to her and expressed my delight that she was walker-free and not hunched. She and I had started treatment on the same day!

Visit Sherry Hudson at Family Health Thermal Imaging in Herndon or Winchester, VA. The website is You have nothing to lose, except pain and distress.

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