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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Signs You Might Be Constipated

1. You do not have at least one bowel movement, daily (especially if you have at least three meals, daily).

2. You've become quite adept at putting bowel movements on hold, until the urge disappears. 3. When you do have a movement, your stool is dark and hard. 4. You don't feel "complete" after having a bowel movement ("wait, there's more... you think"). 5. It hurts when you decide to have a movement and you tend to strain. 6. It takes a long time for you to have a bowel movement. 7. You take laxatives, several times per year. 8. You have a swollen abdomen or abdominal pain.

Questions to Consider:

- Are you drinking enough water? - Are you consuming sufficient fiber? Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, though you should have more veggies than fruits.

In addition, you can have a tablespoon of ground hemp or flax seeds or soaked chia seeds in your smoothie or oatmeal. You could also take a tablespoon of psyllium husk in a glass of water. If you choose to do the latter, you must drink lots of water throughout the day. Psyllium swells, so you need to drink water or you will compound your constipation. - Are you eating enough omega-3's? If you consume the typical American diet, you probably consume far too many omega 6 fatty acids, while your omega 3 and 9s are in arrears. Reverse that and begin courting better health. - Are you trying to get some form of exercise, daily? Body movement produces bowel movement.

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