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  • Dr. Lesa Lawson

Oozing the 'S' Word

Are you familiar with the S word? We all are. We think about it, it’s in our conversations, it practically oozes from some of us.

Stress manifests in every area of the body and in numerous. For some, it may be worry, resulting in depression and bad moods. For others, it’s hypertension or migraines, skin infections or diabetes, arthritis or cancers, stomach disorders or constipation. Many of these conditions begin in the gut, stress’ throne. In essence, stress is a harbinger of illness and disease. As a naturopath, I hear many complaints of illness; as a colon hydrotherapist, I see evidence of problems in refuse.

When we (the client and I) trace the cause, we eventually find the same culprit, sitting with a complacent air and arrogant smile. It is time to unseat him!

“Disease doesn’t come about overnight. Our bodies mold to the kind of lives we live, for better or for worse. Although I have specialized in nutrition, I don’t believe food is the whole story, and experience has shown me that different lifestyles – affect health. You may be looking for a good doctor. I am looking for a good patient!” —-Dr. Bernard Jensen

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make this moment your start toward better health. My mission is to support you. Your health matters. Dr. Lesa Lawson

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