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She Did What?

Meet Althea!

She sent the following note to me, "We no longer use the microwave because of its harmful effects, and because it destroys and/or mutates our food. We have not used the microwave for the last 18 months. It was hard, at first, as we missed the "so-called" convenience of the quick 'heatings.' But a good convection oven or the stove top heats our food; you know, microwaved food does not retain the heat as long as foods heated in an oven or on the stove. Who would have thought that? We also cook with smaller pots, to decrease the likelihood of food lasting more than three days (by the 3rd day, we try to finish everything). You reminded me of the dangers of "old food" food collecting mold (of course, if we freeze the food, that is an option, but I prefer not to). I'm trying to cut down on chocolate... really. I'm still convincing myself that it is NOT one of the major food groups. I've been slowly convincing my family that we don't need to eat restaurant food, even though we don't do it often. I prefer the food we cook, as we can control the amount of salt that is in it; plus, we know what we're putting into our pots. Did that restaurant chef just taste the food he plans to serve, with the spoon he uses to cook? I don't think so!! Yuck!!

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