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Six Lies Women Believe About Their Health.png
Six Lies Women Believe About Their Health

For too long, women have accepted age-old lies that have caused us to live with pain, embrace illness, and accept defeat. It is time to end that pointless cycle and live the way that our Creator intended - whole!​   

When Stress Comes to Stay

Know your enemy, Stress, and learn how to defeat its effects upon your body. Defend your adrenals, your hormones, your reproductive system, your entire life. Stop treating Stress like a welcome guest in your life. Serve notice, today!

When Stress Comes to Stay
The Marriage Meal.png
The Marriage Meal
Honest stories of lessons learned in marriage; individuals and couples share with you their struggles and victories. Gain a better understanding of the real purpose of the institution marriage and use it to galvanize your own or prepare yourself for the journey.
Wind of Change
Inspiration and encouragement in poetry. A journey from the church of the harsh, intractable God, to the God of love and compassion.
Wind Of Change.png
The Healthy Truth​​
In order to find the root of the health problem, sometimes, you need to go back to the beginning; back to the way you were intended to live. The Healthy Truth explores Biblical principles for living that have helped so many to restore their health. 
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